Produced in collaboration with Kirsti Whalen, she put forward the poem, and I did the watercolour illustrations and we are going to collate it into a mini book as a giveaway at her next poetry performance in March. Whalen’s writing currently focuses on snippets of her turbulent past and the things left behind. Expressing, creatively, the things […]

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Tiny Turtles

Childcare should be an inviting, educational, fun and safe environment. This identity development addresses these ideals, and is also memorable and unique. The fun elements of growing up are reinforced with a open wobbly typesetting, and variation in gender neutral colours which also relate to the colours of turtles and their environments. Further, I’ve used the nurturing idea of […]

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Bob Cider

Designed as a light refreshing and real cider with integrity for the young adult market, this cider taps into the consumer market as an sessionable alternative to beer. This project was completed as part of the Shillington Masterclass course, and entailed brand development and roll out of labelling, 6 pack and case design.

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