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Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire)

Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire) PART 1: MELBOURNE
13th February 2014
Curated by Sophie Weiser.
Photographed by Studiopossum.
Venue: Toot Fanute




SophieWeiserCurator148 SophieWeiserCurator147 SophieWeiserCurator145 SophieWeiserCurator144 SophieWeiserCurator143 SophieWeiserCurator142 SophieWeiserCurator139 SophieWeiserCurator136 SophieWeiserCurator128 SophieWeiserCurator125 SophieWeiserCurator123 SophieWeiserCurator121 SophieWeiserCurator118 SophieWeiserCurator117 SophieWeiserCurator111 SophieWeiserCurator110 SophieWeiserCurator109 SophieWeiserCurator108 SophieWeiserCurator104 SophieWeiserCurator102 SophieWeiserCurator100 SophieWeiserCurator88 SophieWeiserCurator82 SophieWeiserCurator78 SophieWeiserCurator68 SophieWeiserCurator63 SophieWeiserCurator62 SophieWeiserCurator59 SophieWeiserCurator57 SophieWeiserCurator50 SophieWeiserCurator49 SophieWeiserCurator48 SophieWeiserCurator42 SophieWeiserCurator40 SophieWeiserCurator25 SophieWeiserCurator24 SophieWeiserCurator23 SophieWeiserCurator16 SophieWeiserCurator15 SophieWeiserCurator13 SophieWeiserCurator10 SophieWeiserCurator7 SophieWeiserCurator6 SophieWeiserCurator5 SophieWeiserCurator4

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This entry was posted on February 17, 2014 by in Event Photography, Out & About.

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Anna Rees is Creative Director of In Residence & The English Tapware Company. Her practice incorporates the fields of photography, graphic design, sign writing and handicraft.

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