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1st birthday!

On 21st November, The English Tapware Company celebrated the 1st birthday of their Sydney showroom with a soiree of champagne, canapés and cake.

The evening was all about thanking the design community for their amazing support over the past year and launching new products for the year ahead: the Perrin & Rowe satin brass tapware, and the new brass David Moreland Design Pendant 45 light.

I had the pleasure of photographing this event (one of the many strings in my bow as the Digital Marketing Manager at TETC).

1stBirthdayEnglishTapware02_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware03_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware04_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware05_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware06_web1stBirthdayEnglishTapware08_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware09_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware10_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware11_web1stBirthdayEnglishTapware13_web1stBirthdayEnglishTapware15_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware16_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware17_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware19_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware20_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware21_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware22_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware23_web1stBirthdayEnglishTapware25_web 1stBirthdayEnglishTapware26_webTETC-SYD-Interior1 TETC-SYD-Window-1 TETC-SYD-Window-3 TETC-SYD-Window-4

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This entry was posted on November 22, 2013 by in Event Photography.

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Anna Rees is Creative Director of In Residence & The English Tapware Company. Her practice incorporates the fields of photography, graphic design, sign writing and handicraft.

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