No one wants to be caught with a cousellor’s card lying around.  I wanted to make a card for my client that is professional yet portrays the practice as really approachable and non-threatening practitioner. Something you wouldn’t be embarrassed if a friend saw, and you might even pass on to friends with confidence.


The idea of counselling is portrayed using the two faces.  They indicate a relationship, whether it be the counsellor and an individual or between a couple. The faces are positioned over the reflective, dappled water like they are mixed up in the choppy waters.  Their transparency portrays an openness, and their androgynous styling allows them to be anybody and anonymous.  Shows only their ears and mouth representing the listening and talking aspects of the service provided.

The unity of the design is pulled together in the use of the colours picked from the water image and applied to the type.  The Aquamarine colour represents calm and relaxation, whilst the black is firm and professional.

Overall the design is not too clinical, friendly and modern. I have designed one side with ALL the information, and the reverse with just an attention grab of the name and profession.This gives the choice of which side to display depending on the location.

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