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Choice was a show held in Melbourne over June 2010, at c3 gallery, Abbotsford. Facilitated by our NZ contingent here – Pippa Makgill, Stacey Turner and Albert Chan and included over 20 artists from New Zealand practising locally and internationally. My work in this show was called; the poison and the antidote – and looks into the realm of comsumerism, and environmental security in the developing world. Using everyday plastic bags seen everywhere in the dusty roadside stalls of Cambodia and the neighbouring countries, I’ve created a collection of photographs of these scenes installed within this in a cloud of plastic. Protecting the objects by hanging and selling them in the bags, and to protect them from the elements is part of the hawker culture. The surrounding rivers and popular tourist destinations are being harmed by this excessive and ill-disposed of market-stall detris. This work is to raise awareness of our day to day processes and to encourage people to look up and consider what clouds are about to break above them.

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