The concept of making artworks for a group show in a community gallery, with the constraints of up to three 100mm, 200mm, or 300mm square sized 2D works presented me with a challenge- was there a way I could use these limitations in a conceptual way that would be relative to the domestic space where the purchaser would be hanging the work? Could I create a work that related to my individual art practice and that took these limitations into consideration to create a work that relied upon them? It was destiny that the current inextricably linked issues of excessive carbon emissions and food mileage that effect us on an international and domestic level should be so succinctly portrayed by appropriating the aesthetics of the sets of three Wild Fowl wall birds by Mr Peter Scott of Summerbank Pottery, England. These domestic objet-d’art of the 1950’s have become retro icons of this era, and therefore cult enough to be subverted into flying bananas for the benefit of future generations. Duck! is a gestalt artwork adapting British colonial kitsch icons into a fresh design intended as a vehicle of change, an intervention of stale psyche, a manifesto of now. Duck! is intended to invigorate your domestic environment with contemporary ornamentation, to add to your ever expanding awareness of global issues using didactic aesthetics. Duck! was on show at Uxbridge Gallery from 5-18th June 2009. Entered in the Waikato Art awards, 2009. Produced: Anna Rees, 2009 Edition of 10 triptychs 100mm x 100mm, 200mm x 200mm and 300mm x 300mm Media: Digital colour photograph mounted on corrugated card.

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